Hotsy Totsy Club Winter 2014 House Specialties

Mommy's Hot Chocolate
crème de cacaó, crème de menthe,
rittenhouse rye,house cocoa syrup, whipped cream.

Jessica's Wicked Hot Cider
unfiltered apple cider, laird's jersey lightning
apple brandy, king's ginger,
cranberry syrup + spices.

Hot Buttered Rum
sailor jerry + lemon hart 151, with keli river's
gramma's secret rum butter batter, served hot.

Tight Knit Sweater
ransom old tom gin, becherovka herbal bitter,
crème de cassis, honey syrup, lemon juice,
hot water + baked apple bitters

The Forager
diplimatico rum , pür framboise, douglas fir,
served at room temperature.

John McCord's Holiday Nog
secret recipe.

Summer Isle
auchentoshan scotch, amontillado sherry,
oregon cranberry liquor, gum syrup,
+ a dash of aromatic bitters

Hot Lips
barr hill gin, salers apertivo,
lemon, spiced velvet falernum, scrappy's firewater.

Turning Leaves
aquavit, becherovka herbal bitter, cio ciaro.

Cabin Fever
avúa cachaça, pür pear, stranahan’s
lemon, gum, and bitters.

Jive Turkey
wild turkey, applejack, apricot liquer,
cranberry syrup, lime, cranberry bitters.

Cane and Barrel
barbancourt rum, nocino,
lime juice, gum syrup.

Pure Redemption
redmption rye, pür spice blood orange liquor,
manzanilla sherry, lemon + gum syrup.

partida reposado tequila, quinquina, lemon juice,
creme de cacao, egg white + scrappy's firewater.

Bottled Bitter Rivers
citadelle gin, aperol, rhubarb bitters, graperfruit
+ lime juice bottled in-house.

Ocho Plata Flight
tequila ocho plata 2009 • rancho las pamez
tequila ocho plata 2011 • el puertecito
tequila ocho plata 2013 • los fresnos

Mezcal Flight
mezcal vago
del maguey chichicapa
fidencio pechuga

each flight is comprised of three 3/4 oz. samplings.