Hotsy Totsy Club summer 2013 house specialties

20th Century
voyager gin, kina, creme de cacao
+ lemon juice with a twist.

Vesper Royale
st. george terrior gin, tito’s vodka 
+ kina, served up with a twist.

Corpse Reviver 1939
calle 23 reposado, kina, lemon juice
+ chili syrup, misted with mescal.

Beer Street & Gin Lane
damrak gin, lemon juice, gum syrup
+ pilsner with a grapefruit twist.

four roses bourbon, grapefruit juice,
orchard apricot + angostora bitters.

Final final
antica formula + smith & cross overproof rum
on the rocks with a orange twist

devil in a red dress
la diablada pisco, lime juice +
abita strawberry lager with an orange twist.

pugilist cocktail
la diablada pisco, antica formula +
gran classico on the rocks with a lemon twist

Garden Cup
pimms, square one basil vodka, lime juice,
house-made strawberry syrup + cucumber.

Easton Standard
miller’s westbourne gin, cocchi rosa,
lemon juice + gum syrup topped with soda water.

square one organic vodka, 
pür williams pear liqueur, lemon juice,
orgeat + celery shrub bitters.

Pisco Sour
la diablada pisco, egg white, lime juice +
gum syrup with a chicha morada reduction.